Foxtail – A Unique Team-building Experience!

Unlike any other London treasure hunts, this innovative activity combines a variety of skills and can best be described as a mix of a paperchase, scavenger hunt and an outdoor Escape rooms. This is an interactive trail, which already enjoys a huge fanbase in Switzerland, will take you through the City of London where you must decipher clues and solve puzzles in order to move on to the next destination. You will need to use all your observational, detective and logic skills in order to progress with some of the clues an unexpected fun surprise and some interesting ‘wateringholes’ visited along the way. Groups of up to 7 at one time can set off at ten minute intervals with up to 70 taking part in an hour. The first trails will start and finish at St Paul’s and they plan to have three trails up and running by next summer to be able to host larger groups.

Please visit  for more information.

Indicative price : from £40 per person depending on numbers and what is included.